There’s nothing more powerful than churches working together as the body of Christ.

In offering Redemptive Compassion; our neighbors are met with dignity and respect, while our partner churches are free to focus on serving according to their strengths. The result? Transformed lives. Transformed churches. And transformed communities

Community Diaper Drive Brings Churches Together

In May we had our Community Diaper drive, hosted by South Sub Church. We were blessed with over 30,000 diapers the day before Mother’s Day and – considering we distributed 4,980 diapers in May to 39 babies – we were thrilled to see the outpouring of support. It was also

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Renewed Treasures Blesses our Community

In anticipation of our 10th year anniversary (August 25th) of opening Renewed Treasures; we have begun collecting stories from our volunteers who were there at the beginning. Bev Hertler (St. James Presbyterian) and Debbie Miller (St. Luke’s UMC) shared with us their experience of a young single father who often

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Filling a home

We had the opportunity to hear about a great love story from Leslie Stahl, an intake volunteer in our Connection Center. I hope this sweet story blesses your heart as it did mine. “I took a call from a gal from Aurora who was out of our service area and

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A New Beginning for Leticia

At our April Spring Fundraiser we had the joy of hearing from Leticia Santana, a current IMPACT Participant who has taken several classes over the years and came to us initially from West Bowles Community Church’s Benevolence team. In their outreach to her they strongly suggested she take our free

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