Restore your financial, relational, emotional and spiritual health and kickstart your dreams.

Classes are for anyone who is ready and willing to learn more about themselves, form deep connections in a loving, Christian community of Volunteers, and commit to making positive changes in their lives.


Take the time to step back and look at the big picture in an encouraging and accepting environment that helps you assess your physical, emotional, relational and spiritual lives. Reconnect with, rediscover and respond to who God intends you to be. Affirm your God given potential, uniqueness, and intrinsic worth. Dare to dream again, and learn to pursue your goals using concrete and practical tools. Through video presentations, listening and discussion, assessment and planning tools and more, let us share your journey toward a renewed and affirmed life purpose.


When to say yes and how to say no to take control of your life. God’s plan for us does not include being a door mat, nor a bull in a China shop. Join us in a positive and thought-provoking journey as we explore why healthy boundaries gives us freedom to make choices and to love. Learn how to set boundaries and live in right relationship with ourselves and our loved ones, our friends and community, and God. Through video presentations, listening, discussion, and self-reflection, we will start to gain the power of self-control and respect for others, joyfully own our responsibilities and stop blaming others, and mean it when we say yes or no.  


Developing a Daily Relationship with God

Scriptures is the primary way God speaks to us personally, and anyone who listens and puts into practice what one hears from God, finds his/her life becoming transformed. This class invites us to ask the basic questions, explore our beliefs and compare them to Scripture in a safe and accepting environment, and encourages us to develop our personal relationship with God and Jesus on our own through prayer, meditation, and contemplation.  


What if you discovered your relationship problems (marriage, family and friends) began before you met the significant others in your current life? This class will help you discover your current Love Style and help you evaluate how early childhood patterns shape our current relationships. We will learn five Core Patterns of relationships and experience healing from The Comfort Circle tool. This class provides a gentle, safe and accepting environment in which to absorb and process new insights and perspectives into our past and current relationships and how we might change going forward.  


The “how to’s” of living God’s design for our lives. Learn the ten daily living skills needed to move forward in your life and how to apply them to practically any situation, routine or project. We cover 11 topics in 11 Lessons with different guest topic leaders each Lesson hosted by one class facilitator. Class content may be presented through videos, learning activities, talks, storytelling, question and answer sessions, and/or demonstrations. The class environment is lively and dynamic and will encourage us to engage our minds, hands, and hearts.