The Fall Trimester of IMPACT begins on Wednesday, Sept. 15 and Thursday, Sept. 16. More information on the classes offered will be available soon. All Classes are FREE.
Past classes included Affirming Potential which helped people build on the foundation of their God Given potential to create their own goals & action plans and be ready for Life Coaching.
Survive & Thrive gave REAL TIME Life Skills and support to deal with the challenges of today’s world.


  • Provide your information below to sign up for an upcoming IMPACT class. The Spring Trimester classes will meet virtually, via Zoom.


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This is your invitation to participate in IMPACT. Through a caring and trusting class relationship, the mission of IMPACT is to walk alongside you and provide guidance as you work toward specific life goals. Our Facilitators & Discussion Group Leaders are caring and trained volunteers who have agreed to guide people toward greater self-sufficiency using a specific classroom curriculum. To achieve success and make the best use of your and our volunteers’ time, certain requirements are important. Please review these statements and check the boxes beside each one.

I commit to the following:

To participate in my IMPACT class weekly and to be on time for each class.
To send an email to if I am unable to attend class on any given week.
To complete each week’s assignments, which will help me better achieve my life goals.
To follow the IMPACT program’s summary expectations for class participant’s behaviors and how we work together in community.

I will protect the confidentiality of all individuals–whether participant, volunteer or staff. I agree that I will not disclose or discuss personal information that is shared in confidence, to anyone other than the appropriate Love INC/IMPACT leadership. I will not be involved in gossip or negative conversation that could reflect badly on those who are serving or being served, or on the ministry of Love INC/IMPACT; with the exception of if someone threatens to harm themselves or someone else (calling 911 may be the most appropriate response).

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