“‘How’ and ‘why’ we meet need is critical. It’s more important than ‘if’ we meet need.” ~ Class Facilitator

Come to this class prepared to challenge how you think about physical, spiritual, relational, and emotional poverty in ourselves and others, and to re-evaluate our beliefs and behaviors to distinguish between what helps and what hurts.

Redemptive Compassion Syllabus

Redemptive Compassion® by Lois M Tuypi of the national Love In the Name of Christ is a biblical philosophy on how we offer wholistic help to those we serve through relationship, compassion and respect. This philosophy embraces six core principles: 

(1) Everyone has value. (2) We are called to invest relationally in each other. (3) Everyone has capacity and potential. (4) Mutual participation is important. (5) We must use wisdom and discernment. (6) What we do should transform. 

Need in America is increasing, and the tipping point has come for many who find themselves in constant cycles of insecurity for housing, food and other necessities. Through video presentations and a study guide, each week will explore key concepts, Scripture references, a case study application, and questions designed to explore personal beliefs about the causes of chronic insecurity, and approaches which can lead us out of poverty and into the life God has designed for us. Come prepared to examine your beliefs, listen and share with others, and spend individual time pondering the thought provoking questions this class will pose. Includes Redemptive Compassion A Study Guide by Lois M. Tuypi. 

Week 1:  Imprisoned in Kindness

Week 2:  The Call to Love: Is it Possible?

Week 3:  Seeing Through Our Father’s Eyes

Week 4:  Tough Love for Tough Times

Week 5:  Healing From the Inside Out

Week 6:  Changing the World One Life at a Time

Week 7:  The Wagon Principle

Week 8:  Redemptive Compassion in Practice