“He is showing me how He made me, wired me and what He is truly calling me to do in my life.”

Be freed from the bondage of frustration, resentment and bitterness and move toward compassion and forgiveness by exploring the roots of how we relate to and express love for ourselves and others. Let it begin with you: heal from damaged attachment patterns.

How We Love Syllabus

What if you discovered your relationship problems (marriage, family and friends) began before you met the significant others in your current life?  This class will help you discover your current Love Style and help you evaluate how early childhood patterns shape our current relationships.  We will learn five Core Patterns (some healthy, some that damage) as Love Styles combine in relationships.  Experience healing from The Comfort Circle, a tool that enhances healthy bonding and secure attachments with others.  This class provides a gentle, safe and accepting environment in which to absorb and process new insights and perspectives into our current relationships and how we might change going forward.  Note:  some independent work is necessary outside of class to fully engage with this process.


Lesson 1:  Introduction (origins of current relationship patterns, Love Style quiz)

Lesson 2:  The Avoider

Lesson 3:  The Pleaser

Lesson 4:  The Vacillator

Lesson 5:  Controller and Victim

Lesson 6:  Combinations:  Comfort Circle and Listener/Speaker Roles

Lesson 7:  Live Couples Therapy (on video, not in person!)

Lesson 8:  Live /Therapy (on video) with a Single Male and Demonstration of Holding Time with a Couple

Lessons 9 – 11:  To Be Determined, direction depends on the inclination of the class