We are thrilled to offer this brand new course in Winter of 2023

The “how to’s” of living God’s design for our lives. Free yourself from avoidable hurry, worry and indecision by applying planning, organizing, time management and other essential skills to practically any situation, routine or project.

Daily Life Skills Syllabus

The “how to’s” of living God’s design for our lives.  This is a survey class, meaning that we cover multiple topics but none of them too deeply.  In this eight week session, we emphasize personal household money management, while also applying planning, organizing, time management, problem solving, emotional self-control, and other skills  to everyday tasks, routines and special projects.  By developing and/or improving routines in our lives, we can reduce or eliminate hurry, worry and indecision to avoid unintended consequences that can degrade the quality of our lives.  We cover 8 topics in 8 Lessons with different guest topic leaders each Lesson hosted by one class facilitator.  Class content may be presented through videos, learning activities, talks, question and answer sessions, and/or demonstrations.  The class environment is nonjudgmental, lively and dynamic and will encourage us to engage our minds, hands and hearts. 


WEEK 2: MONEY: Unit 1 – Getting the Correct Perspective 

WEEK 3: CIVILITY AND RESPECT: Workplace, Community, Business Relationships 

WEEK 4: MONEY: Unit 2 – A Spending Plan and Pointers   

WEEK 5: RELATIONSHIPS: Family, In-Laws and Out-Laws, Friends 

WEEK 6: MONEY: Unit 3 – Banking, Credit, Loans, and Credit Cards 

WEEK 7: HOME: House, Kitchen, Laundry, Personal Record Keeping 

WEEK 8: MONEY: Unit 4 – Insurance, Savings Goals, Emergencies, and Long-Term Change   

This class was developed by the Facilitator and Discussion Group Leader team of Love INC Littleton.