“I realized God is constantly at work in my life, reminding me of all His goodness and reassurance.” ~ Class Participant

See your life’s big picture in this dynamic class that helps you assess and improve in concrete, practical ways your physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual self in God’s plan for you.

Affirming Potential Syllabus

Using the analogy of a covered wagon, we form an integrated picture of all the parts of our lives and how they are unified through God’s love for us. We start with video presentations that spark frank discussion (sharing is optional) in a small group setting, encouraging us toward an honest assessment of where we are now and where we want to be. We then get down to brass tacks: developing realistic action plans by identifying necessary steps, milestones and timelines. Personal coaches are available upon request following completion of this class to help keep you on track to achieving your goal. Note: some independent work is necessary outside of class to fully engage with this process.

Lesson 1:  Preparing for Your Journey

Lesson 2:  The Physical Wheel

Lesson 3:  Understanding Your Emotions

Lesson 4:  Taking Control of Your Emotions

Lesson 5:  The Relational Wheel

Lesson 6:  The Spiritual Wheel

Lesson 7:  Stages in the Journey

Lesson 8:  Purposeful Living

Lesson 9:  Tools to Succeed

Lesson 10:  The Wise Thing To Do

The Affirming Potential class was developed by Lois Tupyi of Love INC Treasure Valley, ID