A Prayer for the Hands That Help

The Connection Center fields around 350 calls per month regarding needs in the Littleton community. Many times the calls are from those in need. But sometimes the calls are from those who are helping…and could use some support in their serving.

Recently one of the Connection Center volunteers shared this experience:

“This morning I had a call to Janice* in my queue, requesting I share some emergency resources. She and her husband are housing a family that walked to Colorado from Venezuela and are running out of money. I gave her a couple of resources I found online, and we chatted for a bit.

At the end of our call, I asked her if I could pray for anything for her, and she said she could use prayers for renewed strength and mental clarity so she can effectively help others. I prayed with her immediately, and she responded, ‘That was wonderful! No one prays with others anymore.’ And she told me I had brightened her day.”


May we never forget the simple blessing of praying for each other and especially of bringing those who actively share love in the name of Christ before the throne of grace.

A Prayer for the Hands that Help

Heavenly Father, We are humbled You call us to serve one another. Thank you for the chance to connect as humans, to share needs, and to offer help. Today we pray for extra strength and patience and mental clarity for those who have courageously stepped into the community to serve. May they have eyes like Yours that truly see the suffering, ears that tune into the stories, and hands and feet guided by Your love to walk within the mess of real life. May You guide them clearly in showing redemptive compassion and radiating Your love. Thank You that You care for every soul. And thank you for the privilege of serving one another in the name of Christ. Amen.


*Names have been changed to protect privacy