A Piece of Love INC Travels the World

Shopper, Jean B., was excited for her granddaughter’s Christmas visit to Colorado. It was a long trip as Elena (granddaughter) was finishing her degree in Vienna, Austria!

While she was in town, Elena mentioned she needed a ball gown. Her college was holding a ball in January, and she’d discovered a long gown was mandatory for the event.

“I have no idea where to find a ball gown!” Jean responded.

But her other granddaughter chimed in, “Try a resale shop, Grandma. Sometimes they have prom dresses and things.”

Jean instantly thought of Renewed Treasures where she and her neighbor shop frequently. So, just before Christmas, Jean brought Elena to RT. They searched the racks diligently but never found a single long, fancy gown. Jean mentioned their dilemma to one of the volunteers, and to her surprise the volunteer rushed Elena to the back of the store…and returned with no less than seven fancy gowns in Elena’s size!

Of course, a big “Try On Party” ensued. Elena tried each gown as volunteers and shoppers cheered her on, giving comments on color and style and ooh-ing and aah-ing happily.

Elena chose a beautiful, light blue, vintage gown that fit perfectly. And Grandma Jean bought it for her.

Following a plane trip to Vienna, the Renewed Treasures gown premiered at the January college ball…a little piece of Love INC, traveling the world and delighting hearts.

Truly, God cares about the little things.