Love Shows Up in Unexpected Ways

Have you ever noticed God intertwines our stories? That sometimes His love shows up in ways we never anticipated?

Raina and Toni know what this is like.

Raina (St. Luke’s United Methodist) had been volunteering with Love INC Littleton for a while when she became a delivery driver. It wasn’t long before she met Toni. The two struck up a friendship, visiting for a bit whenever Raina came with a weekly delivery.

Until one particular morning…

Raina arrived at Toni’s home and knocked on the front door. When Toni answered, Raina noticed she didn’t seem like her usual chipper self. Raina returned to her car, and when she returned a minute later, Toni had collapsed on the floor.

Raina swiftly called 911 and stayed with her until an ambulance arrived. She stayed close by as Toni received care and surgery and waited for family to arrive.

Thankfully, after several weeks of recovery, Toni finally returned home. Sitting in the living room together, she points to Raina with a smile and says, “That’s my angel right there.”

Raina chuckles, “I’m just glad I was here that day. She’s got a lotta life left in her!”

The two of them visit and laugh, glad to be in each other’s company. Stories still intertwined in a testament to God’s provision, power, and love.