Sometimes Love Wears Shoes

Sometimes love wears shoes . . . and gives them away.

Early one Saturday morning in January, forty-six people gathered at Runners Roost locations in Lone Tree and Denver.

Kent Wories (owner of Runners Roost) and John and Joan Wories (friends of Love INC) greeted staff and members of the IMPACT community with smiles, donuts, and coffee. Then the kind Runners Roost staff provided free individual fittings and brand new running shoes for each person who had come.

John and Kent Wories with two IMPACT clients


The atmosphere felt like Christmas. Everywhere you looked people chatted, laughed, and exclaimed over socks and sneakers. You could hear the wonder and joy. As one recipient exclaimed:

“I felt like this was a true gift of grace.”

For many of us, grace can be hard to receive. We’re only human, after all, and grace looks like something we don’t deserve, something we can’t repay, something extra. And grace is each of these things!

But most of all, grace is love.

When we see grace, offer grace, or receive grace, we can know it is birthed by the God of Love, who regularly turns turning ordinary moments into tangible proof of that love.

Thank you, Wories family and Runners Roost, for loving in the name of Christ and putting His love on display so clearly.