Church Women’s Ministry Event at Renewed Treasures

The Highline Community Church’s Women’s Ministry sponsored a Discover Love INC at Renewed Treasures on Tuesday evening.  Twelve Highline women were at the store.  Everyone enjoyed talking to each other, sampling the cheese, crackers, veggies, grapes, brownies and cookies brought by two of the women. Then the shopping began.
It was a fun evening and nearly everyone found something to go home with from a big pan type roaster for the woman who cooks a lot for church events to darling children’s clothes for a grandchild.  Then there were tops, jewelry and a few other things that the ladies felt had to go home with them– the price was right since it was sale time!  This was the second time in two or so years that Highline women scheduled a get-together at Renewed Treasures. Both times were a hit.