A Fun Volunteer Appreciation Picnic!

The Love INC Volunteer Picnic was a great success despite the high expected temperature and clouds rolling in.  Over 110 people enjoyed barbecue sandwiches with baked beans, macaroni salad, Greek salad, watermelon, and ice cream prepared by Cynthia Dekker, Mark Donelson, Alice Boswell, Leslie Stahl and her sister Natalie, and Barb Rudolf. Terry Bate hauled supplies in and others brought coolers and ice.  The Charis Life Church and the Rudolf family did the serving.

Many churches were represented as volunteers involved in IMPACT teaching, childcare and dinner preparations were there sitting next to Connection Center volunteers, diaper collection volunteers, furniture ministry volunteers, drivers, Renewed Treasures volunteers, office volunteers and others. What a joyful, helpful group as people jumped up to help move the food line when a little dripping from the sky happened.  Those drips did help cool the day, though.  Hearing from a volunteer who felt God did not want her to just sit around after her husband passed away was inspiring.

At my table were volunteers from four different churches and denominations.  Buzzing here and there were Love INC staff and board keeping everything going smoothly. The trivia contest was hot and heavy with Phil Henke winning the Cookie Jar top prize, Eileen Law the basket of candles and candlesticks and Grace Ellsworth the fondue pot. What a fun afternoon seeing old friends and enjoying a great barbecue.