A New Beginning for Leticia

At our April Spring Fundraiser we had the joy of hearing from Leticia Santana, a current IMPACT Participant who has taken several classes over the years and came to us initially from West Bowles Community Church’s Benevolence team. In their outreach to her they strongly suggested she take our free financial course and she had this to say to our attendees:

“I would be broke, busted and disgusted. I wouldn’t be where I am today – I’d be broke. I probably would not have the career I have now. When I first began with Love INC I had just started my career and as money was coming in, I wasn’t too sure how to budget my money and I was short on the rent. My church called me to say they could give me the funds but also said I had to take the ‘Money & Me’ course. I had already wanted to learn how to budget my money but that’s how God works.”

Watch her story of transformation by clicking here